The next time you pass an Officer or First Responder on duty, Protecting and Serving, why not give them the CopUP Salute?


copUP Endorses Keegan Garrity for the Logan Municipal Council.

We had someone speak with the candidates to get their take on the issues. Without any doubt, Keegan Garrity has our strong endorsement for Logan.


Behind the Uniform

What comes to mind when you hear, "Police?"
What's it really like to wear the Uniform?

Watch Video

Utah's Attorney General talks about First Responders and Law Enforcement Officers.

Sean is in the Good Guys club, along with all our First Responders and Officers.

We salute Good4Utah and their "Behind the Badge" series that is truly a Must See

What is a Good Cop?

By Mike the Cop.

Police Tribute

Fire Fighter Tribute

Military Tribute

Heard about the
Lip Sync Challenge?

It's Kinda' Fun.
Logan, Orem and Murray just below.

And our choice for the winner: Logan

They are a Throwback to Running Man Challenge from a few years ago, but we bring it to UTAH.

Who Said Cops can't have fun?

An Apology

We don't always get it Right

We formerly endorsed Mitt Romney in his run for the Utah Senate seat vacated by Orrin Hatch. Like so many folks, we were fooled.
Mitt said all the right tings during his campaign, but when he was elected it became an entirely different story. Nobody saw it coming. Nobody realized that his #1 goal as a Utah Senator would be to bash our president.
Now the citizens of Utah will be forced to endure this fraud for another five years.

We apologize for our endorsement of Mitt Romney. We got it totally wrong!