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Operated by the Blue Alert Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)3 Public Charity helping Families of Fallen LEOs, Law Enforcement Officers.

Their mission is, and always has been, to honor fallen Law Enforcement Officers and those who continue to serve.

We salute Utah's Channel 4.

Their section "Behind the Badge" is a Must See for Everyone.

View the Good Guys Behind the Badge, and by "Guys" we mean All First Responders, Officers and Agents, Male and Female.

Fighting for the Rights of Police Officers

NCPD is a non-profit, pro-law enforcement organization that helps protect officers from the system that they protect and serve, at their time of crisis.

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First Responder Substance Abuse and Mental Health Resources

Every day, first responders are exposed to dangerous and traumatic events that could lead to the development of mental health and substance use disorders.

Cache Valley Recovery

Living with a Vision & Purpose

Addiction experts who work with you to create an individual plan to recovery while filfilling your goals and life at home.