Even though we call it Shop with a Cop, 
many say
Shop with a Hero because there are many different First Responders involved.

Shop with a Cop

Once a year we Join Forces in Northern Utah to Help the Kids. Officers and First Responders from jurisdictions throughout Northern Utah and Southern Idaho converge in Logan to treat kids to a very special Holiday Event. They ALL do this on their own time, strictly volunteering, and they LOVE it.

Many of them are hosted to a special breakfast by our own Sheriff Chad Jensen at the Cache Sheriff complex, and then they join in a motorcade heading to Walmart. In the movie above you'll note this is a very special day and each patrol vehicle has only 1 or 2 kids. They get their own Cop or First Responder for the day, and as you saw, it's quite special. The kids are thrilled and it gives us a chance to show that we care. (We even let them hit the siren button or loudspeaker, and they really think that is cool.)

This has been going on for several years and the goal this year is to make it bigger and better than ever.

Can you Help?

  • No Charge to the Family.
  • Kids can purchase whatever they want, up to a prescribed limit.
  • These kids can teach us a lot about giving. We continually hear, "Oh, not for me, for my Dad or my Mom, Brother or Sister."
  • If you are there it's hard not to have a tear in your eye.
  • But the one thing we see is Joy and Happiness in these kids.
  • Help us with your contributions so we can spread just a little more joy.

This Picture says it all.

Very Special Thanks to Mannheim Steamroller for their Incredible Music.

Please show your support for Chip and his folks, and catch a performance at the link below.

Note they are back in SLC this year
Visit the tour schedule and reserve your spot.

CopUP Recommended!


For the Officers.

All the officers are OFF DUTY, doing this on Their Time.
Why you ask? It's for the kids.


We need to Give Back to Them!

This year we want to have some Nice Prizes for the officers and First Responders as well. Let's show them we appreciate all they do, on and off duty.


Local Organizations.

I have some thoughts and would love to speak with someone from your organization. Contact me.
Dr. Rick Mayer, 435-752-4424.


Other Jurisdictions

If you want to get involved in your Jurisdiction, or already are, let me know and we'll set up a subdomain off ShopWithACop.us or ShopWithaHero.us for you at no charge. We'll cover all the costs.